Alcohol Certification

Our online BASSET Certification course is fully accredited and complies with all Illinois state regulations.

Basset Training

Details for this class:

  • Only $14.75 per employee
  • Mobile-friendly, self-paced, and on-demand
  • Printable temporary certification upon completion
  • Results automatically sent to Illinois  Liquor Control Commission
  • Official BASSET card mailed directly to employee

The goals and objectives of the BASSET Program in Illinois are:

  • Train and educate sellers and servers to engage in responsible alcohol service;
  • Spot signs of intoxication and utilize various intervention techniques;
  • Prevent DUIs and alcohol-related fatalities;
  • Stop underage sales and underage drinking;
  • Create safer communities and establishments where alcohol is served;
  • Educate owners, managers and staff on dram shop insurance, state laws, and local ordinances regarding alcohol service.

For private in-house classes in the Chicago area, contact John Gescheidle.


Many states, including the The Illinois Liquor Control Commission, offer free signage and materials/videos to help you understand the law. Download materials/newsletters and/or request a kit.

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