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At Foodservice Safe, LLC, we go beyond the classroom to guide you through the entire process and ensure your success. Let us help you navigate through the curves of manager food safety certification, risk management, alcohol and food handler training so you can focus on what you are best at – running your operation. We provide food safety certification programs and classes around Illinois and the Midwest.

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Allergan Awareness & Food Law
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Food Safety Blog

Food Safety Blog

Food Safety Manager Certification Goes Virtual

| Food Safety | No Comments
Written by Colleen Nyland Food Safety Manager Certification (CFPM) is required for any operation that prepares food and is the most common factor in the prevention of foodborne illness (Cates…

The Latest on Latex – Illinois Bans Latex Gloves in Foodservice

| Food Safety | No Comments
Illinois has a new law banning latex glove use for food preparation. Effective January 1, 2023, all foodservice operations are required to discontinue use of latex gloves. Latex may only…

January Blog – Food Safety Training Check

| Food Safety | No Comments
Is your establishment up to date with current food safety training requirements? Take time now to ensure you and your staff meet mandatory training requirements for your state. Proper training…

Guest Safety First

Online Training Programs

Food Handler Certification

This certification is ANSI approved for food handlers who touch food or food contact services.

Alcohol Certification

This approved program is geared for all servers & sellers of alcohol and is accepted for Illinois BASSET certification.

Sexual Harassment Certification

This approved certification program is geared for supervisors and employees in the hospitality industry.

Bystander Awareness Training

This online program effectively raises awareness and how bystanders can intervene safely and effectively. Bystander Awareness Training is a requirement for operations in Chicago.

Food Protection Certification

We offer online training courses for manager certification/re-certification.

Food Allergen Certification

Our Food Allergen certification is REQUIRED for all restaurant managers.

Proctoring & Administration

As a service, Foodservice Safe provides testing and administration services.

Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) Certification Public Classes

Below is a listing of our upcoming public classes.