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Written by Colleen Nyland

Food Safety Manager Certification (CFPM) is required for any operation that prepares food and is the most common factor in the prevention of foodborne illness (Cates et al., 2008). Barriers cited by managers to complete this certification include:

  • access training at convenient locations, dates and times
  • course cancellations due to COVID restrictions, not meeting minimum enrollments or instructor availability
  • expense of travel related costs associated with training
  • difficulty with passing the exam

Most courses and exams are now available as self-paced online video-based courses facilitating easier access to training. However, not all participants are comfortable with these self-paced options and prefer live instruction. Meanwhile, the demand and options for virtual training are on the rise. According to Forbes (2022),

  • Virtual options have become increasingly popular for job-related training
  • Virtual training is forecasted to grow by 15% annually between 2020 and 2025
  • Virtual learning brings the training to the learner without geographic barriers and is more efficient in delivery in saving time and costs

As a result, those seeking live instruction may find it more difficult to find classes when and where they can access them.

In keeping with the times and the need for flexible learning options, Foodservice Safe will offer virtual training for CFPM courses via Zoom beginning September 2023. Courses will include both one- and two-day options, as well as review sessions for those who need ‘extra’ instruction time to prepare for the exam. These courses will feature:

  • Flexibility to attend from work or home, without disrupting day with travel and taking additional time off work
  • Enables focused content in shorter quantities of time
  • Zoom classes will offer the combined benefits of personal instruction in a flexible learning environment

To learn more about these new courses, visit


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